Combat Crunch Smores

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 9.11.04 PM

Nutritional Info: Calories 210/ C25 (12f)/ P20/ F7 Gluten free, contains palm oil. Not too bad

Before we get into it, lets read the wrapper “Unlike hard-paste, taff-y like bars, combat crunch is like eating a soft cookie” okay now that’s out of the way, I THINK YOU GUYS KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING

Texture: Hard-paste, taffy like. Legit, this bar is very hard, and very chewy. It sticks to your teeth and takes ages to unstick. Now, the outside layer is chocolatey and crunchy which was really nice… but ruined by the hard, chewy inside
Taste: Veeery unusual. I got an almost..flowery taste?? I don’t know, very strange! It’s sweet, the outside layer is really smooth and very good chocolate… but the inside isn’t that nice and definitely not smores flavour – there’s no marshmallow or biscuit taste that I could find



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