Opti-Lean Whey Chocolate Caramel

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 9.16.04 PM
Nutritional Info: Calories 170/ C14 (4f)/ P20/ F4.2
53g bar; pretty amazing profile! Lower calorie than a lot of bars out there

Texture: Suuuper soft, almost like the texture of play-dough it’s so skwidgey & mouldable. It’s chewy but in a caramel-y kind of way, despite the lack of actual caramel. Whole bar is same texture

Taste: Caramel definitely comes through, as does the choco. The coating isn’t *real* chocolate, its just chocolate-tasting… but it’s still nice. The caramel again is also not real, it’s just caramel flavor. It’s pretty nice. Very sweet and a nice snack.. but compared to other choco caramel bars out there, it’s lacking

You know a pixel image vs a high resolution image? This bar is pixels, grenade caramel chaos is high res, if that makes sense
6/10 Impressive macros. The texture is lacking crunch & something to break up the softness.. the taste is nice, but not amazing


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