Fulfil: White Chocolate& Cookie Dough Review

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Ooooh man. This one was so surprising to me; I don’t know what I was expecting but this frickin ecstacy was not it :’) I’d never choose white chocolate over regular chocolate as a rule…I think I may start breaking that rule.
Nutritional Info: Cals 200/ C11.2/ P21.2 /F7.2
Slightly higher calorie than the other 3 bars by about 12cals :’) Minuscule difference made up for by the following:

Texture: Fave texture of all of their bars so far. I found it denser than the other bars. It’s super enjoyable to bite into, really feels like a proper densey bar experience ❤ LOVE. As usual the chocolate layer is soft and lovely, there’s a thin caramel layer with the crispy bits underneath the chocolate layer which is a wonderful mix of textures, and the center of the bar is thick fudgey cookie perfection. Don’t think I’ve ever been so complimentary of a texture before 😂

Taste: Can’t even word. There are so many components to the bar and they mesh together to be perfection. The white chocolate is so REAL. Like milky white chocolate you’d find in a regular bar. If you like white chocolate, get on this. There is a very thin caramel layer which I didn’t notice at first, it’s very subtle but adds sweetness. The bulk of the bar is the ‘cookie dough’ part. Surprisingly it’s different to the Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough bar. It’s darker, denser, and has white choc pieces going through it, with no dark choc chips like the other bar. Honestly, I wouldn’t pin it as ‘cookie dough’; it’s some other flavour that I will simply call ‘amavour’ (amazing-flavour *cringeee*). The bar is super sweet. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, not sure how this will go down. It’s sweeter than their other bars I think; to me it is absolutely delicious.

9.5/ 10 Losing .5 because I’m not sold on the cookie dough description… White Chocolate Amavour ❤ So so so awesome.


Fulfil: Dark Chocolate & Mint Review


Nutrition Info: Cals186/ C10/ P19.6/ F6.7 HOW ARE THE MACROS SO AMAZING. It literally boggles my mind, cannot understand how these bars taste so good while being so low cal, low carb & low fat. Fulfil are macro magicians.

Texture: Man I will never stop loving the crunchy layer they have in these bars. It really adds something unique. Same texture as the Milk Choc Mint: soft choc, perfectly gooey mint layer, soft but not too soft center, not too chewy but dense enough to be very satisfying. On POINT.

Texture: This one surprised me! I was expecting to prefer the milk chocolate bar but damn this dark chocolate is delicious. It’s rare to find protein bars that taste like real, rich chocolate… and this bar has nailed it. Definitely comparable to an After Eight, so delicious. If you’re a mint fan you need to get your hands on this, and if you love dark chocolate you’ll probably have yourself a new favourite bar right here. Again, I’m not a huge mint fan, but this is going to be enjoyed regularly by me: it’s that good :’)

9/10 uuuunreal.

Fulfil: Milk Chocolate & Mint Review


Nutrition info: Cals188/ C10. 3/ P19.7/ F6.9
Amazing as usual, with an unreal vitamin profile like the rest of the bars.

Texture: These bars never disappoint in texture. Soft milk chocolate outer layer, crunchy pieces underneath, and a lovely mint layer; comparable to the type of deliciousness you find in an After Eight. A bit less thick than caramel, perfectly distributed throughout the bar. There are also chocolate chips which added another bit of crunch ❤

Taste: I need to prefix this by saying mint isn’t something I have too regularly, I like it but I’m not the biggest fan. Regardless of that, I really enjoyed this bar. The ratio of mint to chocolate is spot on. One critique I have is that I couldn’t make out the chocolate chips taste. In the cookie dough bar you can really pick up the chips, but I couldn’t in this one. Apart from that, the taste of this bar is great. I wouldn’t compare it to an After Eight as the chocolate is too light; I’m expecting the dark chocolate version to be like an After Eight. As a milk chocolate fan this bar is perfect. Any fans of mint need to check this one out!


Fulfil: Chocolate Caramel & Cookie Dough


Nutrition info: Cals 188/ C10.4/P20/ F6.2

Texture: On POINT. Soft chocolate, perfectly sticky caramel, crunchy pieces and fudgey cookie dough middle. SO perfect to bite into. Not chewy and so enjoyable.

Taste: Lads. You know how grenade has always been my number 1 bar? This is a close competitor! This tastes AMAZING. Like everything I could ever want in a bar. The chocolate chips are made out of something I’ve never come across in a protein bar: really awesome tasting chocolate! The cookie dough part is delicious, the outer chocolate (as always) is divine..and that caramel is perfection. All the flavors work brilliantly together. Not too sweet, perfect amount of everything.

9/10. Highly fulfilled 😉

Fulfil:Coconut & Chocolate Review


Nutrition rundown: Calories: 209. C11.8/ P20.2/ F8.3. Pretty macro friendly, full of fiber,and very nutrient dense as previously discussed!

Texture: I found this to be a lot chewier than the other bars. HOWEVER, chewy like a bounty bar, not chewy like a protein bar. It’s like a cross between biting into a bounty bar and fudge kinda thang! I really, really like how dense this bar is. It’s 5g heavier than the other bars, reflecting dat density. It has a nice chocolate layer on the outside and thick coconut filling. They even nailed that bit-y coconut texture!

Taste: The coconut flavour is perfect. If you’re a fiend for the oul bounty bars, this bar could become a staple healthy-alternative for you. The chocolate that coats the bar is not prominent; it’s completely taken over by the coconut flavour. This isn’t a complaint, but the balance of chocolate to coconut is definitely more so coconut.
I don’t really have anything negative to comment about this one! If you’re not a fan of coconut then avoid it, obviously :’)

8/10 Flavour is great. Excellent bar.

Fulfil: Strawberry Vanilla


[UPDATE: 1 year later after eating this bar a few more times… It has grown on me quite a lot! I would now rate it a 6/10]

Okay guys, brace yourselves, not all the reviews can be overwhelmingly positive. There had to be a weakling in this quartet of strong bars 😛 This is my least favourite of the 4 (you can count on me for honesty!), but before getting to why I’ll give the usual run down.

Nutritional Profile: best of the 4 available bars. Calories: 188, C8.2/ P19.7/ F5.2! Absolutely fantastic macros, as I’ve said previously- compared to other bars on the market they’ve really done a good job with the calories and nutrients (dem micros!). Texture: This is the first time the texture of these bars has let me down! Granted, its not AS chewy as many protein bars out there.. however it definitely has more of a sticking bite to it compared to the other bars. It’s soft, kinda skwidgey. Not the worst, but not the best either. The ‘coating’ of this bar is also not up to the same standard as the others. There’s a very thin cream layer on the bar, assuming it’s the vanilla aspect to the bar. It has no distinct texture, just soft like the rest of the bar.

Taste: I need to preface this by saying I’m not a great fan of fruit flavours in general. With protein shakes, sweeteners, etc- give me chocolate and cookie flavour, but not fruit. Because of this, I would not reach for a fruity flavoured bar by default. In saying that, this bar does taste nice. The strawberry taste is artificial, but not to a terrible extent. Like you’d find in a decent strawberry sweet. I don’t get much of a vanilla flavour. It doesn’t taste bad, but I would not chose this flavour from a line up.

4/10 from me. I’d like to hear about what people who enjoy fruity bars think of this one. Anybody? Maybe I’m biased due to my distaste for fruit flavoured things, I’m not sure. Compared to the other bars I’ve reviewed..well, there is no comparison. The other two have been phenomenal,but this one is a no from me.

Fulfil: Cookies & Cream


Nutrition Info: Cals: 195. Macros: C11.5/ P19.9/ F6.2 (Fiber 10.9). Excellent macros as a stand-alone product, even more fantastic compared to some other bars on the market.. & let’s not forget the nutrient density ❤

Texture: The coating of this bar is unlike any other bar I’ve tried, and I love it. It’s almost a kind of crisp (cookie crisp omnom). Again, it’s not going to lock your jaw together- not chewy or sticky. Really good texture, so refreshing for a protein bar. Easy to get through, a bit denser than the Peanut & Caramel.

Taste: Cookies. Cream. YIIIIS. Amazing. I even prefer this bar to the Peanut & Caramel. Shot straight to #1! The flavour does not match the macros; tastes like it should be high carb & fat. SO good. I don’t know how they achieved such a spot on taste with an unbelievable nutrition profile. Fulfil crowd are clearly geniuses & macro gods. Again, I would happily use this as a substitute for a real chocolate bar.

9.5/10 from me. On POINT.

Fulfil: Peanut & Caramel Review


(Posted 44weeks ago)

Nutritional Profile: Great! 205 calories C10.3/ P/20/ F8.8  Not dissimilar to the profile of other bars like Quest. A unique point of the bar is the vitamin content. The bars have 9 vitamins, including plenty of B vits and folic acid. So on top of being high in protein, it’s also pretty nutrient-dense! Also, bonus points because the company is Irish 🙂

Texture: Y’know when you bite into a protein bar..sweet goodness hits your taste buds… and then you can’t unlock your jaw because the protein bar is so chewy it has glued your teeth together? That does NOT happen with these bars. Fantastic texture. It’s soft, with a nice choco layer and a bit of crunch from the peanuts.

Taste: Delicious. Perfect combination of peanut & caramel. It feels and tastes like a real choco bar. Unreaaaaal. I hold protein bars to the standard of Grenade’s Carb Killa which is my 10/10 bar. This bar is very similar imo, which is saying a lot.

9/10. Only downfall of the bar, for me, is its density/ thickness. It seems a bit small/ flat. This makes sense as it is slightly smaller than the norm, weighing 55g. Only an ‘issue’ cause I want it to be bigger so it lasts forever