Gladiator Protein Bar: Brownie Flavoured Bar Review


Nutritional Information: Calories 220/ Carbs 16 (8.8g fiber), Protein 21/ Fat 8.3
Again, look at it. These bars are so great looking
Texture: These bars have the most unique texture of protein bars that I’ve come across. Dense, not chewy, kind of crumbly… I was trying to think of what I can think of and was struggling… and then it hit me, it’s the texture of an actual chocolate bar. Almost twix like with the crumbley middle and caramel layer. On POINT

Taste: The dark chocolate of this bar is what stands out. It is proper dark chocolate, with the not-to-sweet taste that dark choco has.Like the last 2 bars, there is a caramel layer, however this one is less generous and I couldn’t get a taste from it. The dark chocolate is very strong, and overpowers whatever other flavours might be present. The bar is sweet, but not as sweet as the previous 2. If you’re a dark chocolate fan I’m guessing you’ll love it. My criticism is that it’s not brownie flavoured. It would be more accurately titled as Dark Chocolate bar. It is really delicious, though I think I preferred the previous 2. If I was craving dark chocolate this would absolutely be my go-to for a craving killer & protein hit

8/10 Awesome taste, good calories, brilliant texture

This series of bars really impressed me. Absolutely recommend trying it out. I think these bars may have taken a place in my top 3 favorite protein bar brands :O


Gladiator Protein Bar: Vanilla Cream Flavoured Bar Review


It always worries me when things are labelled ‘flavour’… like, is it something that’s flavoured white choc & vanilla.. or is it actually white chocolate and vanilla… that’s probably just me being pedantic!

Nutritional Information: Calories 221/ Carbs 16 (fiber 7)/ Protein 22/ Fat 8.3
Macros are solid, decent amount of fiber and it’s a solid snack

Look at the inside. Looks damn good!

Texture: Creamy white chocolate (nailed the labelling!), and an excellent amount of it, great to bite into. Delicious caramel-like layer underneath the chocolate which isn’t too sticky. Crunchy pieces throughout, I think from the dark choc chips. Could do with a tiny bit more crunch but overall, brilliant. The middle of the bar is kind of similar to yesterday, never come across this kind of filling in a protein bar. It looks a bit biscuity, but it’s not as crumble-y as the previous bar. It’s not soft either though. *Words are escaping me* I can’t explain the texture properly, not soft, not hard, dense but in a great way… Lets just go with good. It’s good. They nailed the description

Taste: Huuunreal. If you like white chocolate this is potentially your new favorite protein bar. The white chocolate is absolutely the main flavour, the vanilla is a lot more subtle while adding a great sweetness. The dark chocolate chips aren’t too detectable, but they make the bar aesthetic as hell haha. It doesn’t taste artificial, and it’s good enough to satisfy chocolate cravings for sure. Again, one of the better bars I’ve tried. Up there with the champion brands like Grenade & Fulfil.

9/10 First off, it’s rare to find a bar that actually tastes like it’s labelling, but this one is perfect! Great texture, good calories & absolutely delicious. Not 10/10 as my standards are too high haha. It’s not a bar that I would eat every day; which is what my 10/10 rating is far (Like Grenade’s Caramel Chaos) This review is an essay so hugs if you read it all