Kinetica Deluxe Bar: Chocolate Brownie Review

Nice Beach, The French Riviera

Nutritional Information: Calories 245/ C25/ P20/ F11. It’s higher in calories than many bars such as Quest or Fulfil, which higher fat and carb content. It’s worth it. It’s quite a heavy, large, dense bar. Weighs 65g, slightly bigger than usual.

Texture: Lovely thick REAL chocolate coating. Biting into it feels like biting into a real choco bar. There’s a layer of biscuit balls under the choco that add a great crunch to it. Lots of lovely melty caramel. Nice soft chocolatey center. Not chewy. Just perfect ❤

Taste: It’s very chocolatey, amazingly so, and also very caramely. There’s a generous amount of caramel throughout the bar that adds much deliciousness. There’s also quite a strong vanilla taste to it. All the flavours compliment each other very well and work as a really delicious choco caramel bar.. It it does not taste like a brownie at all in my opinion.. BUT still absolutely delicious

This bar was really, really good.

8/10. Awesome texture, taste, size, and enjoyed every bit of it. Minus a point for inaccurate description. Almost on par with my beloved Grenade Caramel Chaos 😮


Maxi Nutrition Promax Lean: Dark Chocolate Review

Old Port of Marseille, France

ONCE AGAIN I had to perform some frickin arithmetic to workout the calories and macros, as nutritional info is listed per 100g as opposed to per 60g bar. WHY.
Nutrition Information: Calories 205/ C19/ P23/ F4.6 And 4g fiber.

Texture: As with previous Maxi bars, Nice dark chocolate coating. It’s very soft as is the rest of the bar, again repeating previous experience, far too chewy.

Taste: Meh. Yeah it’s dark chocolate but it tastes like cheap, not nice chocolate. It’s not too sweet and in this case I wish it was a bit sweeter. It’s not bad tasting my any means, but I wouldn’t call it tasty.
4/10 Would not buy again

Maxi Nutrition Lean Definition Bar: Dark Chocolate Orange Review

Jardin des Plantes, Toulouse

First off: wtf the nutrition information isn’t listed per bar (60g) it’s listed per 100g so I had to go do some maths to work out the damn macros UNIMPRESSED.

Nutritional Information: Cals 208/ C19/ P23/ F5 Slightly higher protein than other bars, low fat, low enough carb. Plus 4g fiber.
Interestingly it has caffeine in it (125mg)as well as L-cartinine and green tea extract. I guess as a slight ‘fat burner boost’ though its not explicitly stated in the bar. Note: Don’t buy into fat burners. Just interesting ingredients.

Texture: Same as previous. Far too chewy. Protip: don’t leave it in the sun and then sit on it cause it’s squishy enough without being heated up and sat on.

Taste: Chocolate orange on point. Nice chocolate coating. Really enjoyable taste. If you like choc organge I think you’ll like this. However, there was an intense lingering after taste. Kind of sweet orange taste that didn’t go away until I ate/ drank something else. Rly weird and not nice.

I would have the bar again because it did taste very nice, and also my friend had some and agreed. The aftertaste is off putting but could be worse.

5/10 nice taste, decent macros, far too chewy & the taste lingers

Maxi Nutrition Sustain and Rebuild Bar: Cookie Dough Review

Monument aux Girondins, Bordeaux

Nutrition profile: Cals 218/ C16.3/ P21.2/ F7.2 and 6.2g Fiber. Quite average macros, but a good low – ish carb option with a decent amount of fiber.

Texture: It has a nice dark chocolate coating but again the entire bar is quite squishy. As was the last bar, EXTREMELY chewy. There are small almond chunks throughout but they’re hard to pick up on due to the chewiness.

Taste: not cookie dough. The dark choc layer tastes as such, but kinda cheap choc. The bar itself is really sweet but not like cookie dough. The main taste is chocolate. The almond chunks aren’t noticeable (and aren’t really typical of cookie dough either?). The description on the bar says ‘cookie bits’ in the bar, but none that I could find. There’s NJ after taste and it’s not too sweet.

As a chocolate protein bar it’s alright, but as far as a cookie dough bar you can find far better out there.
3/10 Sweet, okay macros, not cookie dough and very chewy.

Maxi Nutrition Promax Sustain & Rebuild Bar: Blueberry Smoothie Revire

Grand Place, Brussels

Nutrition information: Cals 207/ C17.8/ P21.1/ F5.6 and 5.9g fiber. Pretty awesome profile, quite low calories, low fat and low carb.

First impression: seems to have a nice yoghurt coating. No distinct smell.

Texture: I got a bit smushed in my bag :’) Still maintained its shape pretty well though.. Probably be due to it being chewy as hell.. had to chew for 5 minutes to break it down :’) The bar is pretty dense, no chunks or anything. The yoghurt layer is nice but very soft. Very very VERY chewy bar.

Taste: As far as fruit flavored bars go, it’s pretty nice. I don’t normally enjoy fruit flavored bars cause I am a child and go for cookies & chocolate, but this was quite good for a change. It’s not amazing, but it’s got a nice blueberry yoghurt taste, and no after taste. If you like blueberry yoghurt and want a low cal option bar, it’s decent. As long as you have a jaw built for endurance 😛
5/10 Too chewy, okay taste, very good macros/ calories