Grenade Carb Killa: Banana Armor


I should preface this review by saying I was expecting to not like this.. due to not normally liking artificial banana tastes…I am ashamed of myself for judging before trying it, as a complete @grenadefatburner fan girl I should have known better… They never disappoint

Nutritional Info: Calories 217/ C14.8 (fiber 6.4)/ P22.7/ F8.3
Solid nutrition profile, low enough calories & decent amount of fiber

Texture: As expected from this series, a great chocolate layer covers the bar with crispies underneath it. Smooth chocolate, and the crunch from the crispies is great. Nice caramel layer underneath the chocolate, it’s not too sticky and is distributed very well. It’s not chewy, it’s the perfect density and is very enjoyable to bit into

Taste: Cue my surprise. Have you every had banana penny sweets? (Irish people will know what I mean; small banana sweets, kinda chewy, that you had as a kid?) Tastes like that.. but with chocolate. Amazing. Very sweet, in a wonderful way. It’s chocolatey enough to be a chocolate bar, and fruity enough to also be a fruit bar- something you don’t normally see mixed well together in the protein bar world. I don’t normally like fruit flavours, but this is awesome. The caramel is hard to pick up on, it definitely adds sweetness but the choco & banana are more prominent. Deeeelicious

One of the best parts of this bar is that it’s SO different. I’ve never had anything like it before, and I really really enjoyed it. I’m genuinely going to stock up on these before they disappear (why are they limited edition?! Make them forever!)


MyProtein Protein Chox: Maple & Pecan Review


Nutritional Info: 242 calories/ C23 (13 sugar)/ P22/ F8. Same as before, alright values but a bit high in sugar

Texture: Like the previous, soft milk chocolate layer and this time there are crushed pecans underneath. The pecans are quite soft as well but they do add a nice texture change to the bar. The middle of the bar is the same texture as the first; fudgey, soft, and NOT CHEWY! Praiiiise brodin. Pecans are also in the middle of the bar and overall really good texture

Taste: Oooh it’s so good. The maple flavour is on POINT. It’s very very sweet, which I love, and the pecans also come through really well. There is a caramel layer under the chocolate, but it’s not very noticeable. It contributes to the sweetness for sure, but it’s not strong.The maple is perfectly balanced with the pecans I think. Super, super nice

9/10 The macros leave a bit to be desired but the taste is so good it’s worth it!
Two out of three bars ain’t bad! You can pick them up singley at @myproteinuk if you wanna give them a try 🙂

MyProtein Protein Choc: Caramel & Peanut Flavour Review


Nutrition Information: Calories 242/ C23 (14 sugar)/ P21/ F8. Again, not the worst, but quite high in sugar

My initial impression was that it smells quite peanut-,y and looks pretty good. Nice chocolate layer around the bar (forgive the pic, it got squished in my bag!) You can tell there’s proper size peanuts under the chocolate layer

Texture: A lot chewier than the last bar. It’s not awful, but it does require a lot more bite. The chocolate is soft and the peanuts add a nice dimension to the bar, though they’re not very crunchy, they are definitely detectable

Taste: Soooo peanuty. So much so that I couldn’t pick up on the caramel at all, there is a very thin layer of it underneath the chocolate coating but it’s not strong. The chocolate around the bar was nice, but overpowered by the peanut taste as well. The peanut taste itself was very average, if you’re a big peanut fan you might like it but for me it was just.. meh

4/10. Chewy, not caramel-y, too peanut-y (my strong) Pretty disappointed considering how much I enjoyed the last bar! Not great, wouldn’t have again. Maybe Fulfil have my expectations set too high :’) … If anyone else has tried this bar I’d love to know what you think!

MyProtein Protein Chox: Cookies & Cream Flavour Review


Nutritional information: 230calories C26/ P22/ F5.4

Not ridiculously high cals, but not ideal either. The carbs don’t look bad, though compared to other bars such as Fuilfil & Quest the make up of the carbs isn’t great; with 15 grams of sugar and no fiber. Still, if you don’t care much about sugar, not too shabby macros. Also quite low fat.

Texture: It’s really soft but in a soft-fudge type of way. It’s not sticky/ chewy. Pretty enjoyable

Taste: I was reallyy impressed with the taste of this! It reminded me of a type of decadent chocolate you’d find in a christmas selection box or something like that. I wouldn’t say it reminds me of cookie at all, but I do love the taste. It has a lovely chocolate coating that tastes like real milk choc. There are microscopic chocolate chips throughout but I couldn’t pick up on them. It’s very hard to pin the flavour but it’s creamy, kinda chocolately and.. just delicious! Really enjoyed

8/10 Great taste. High in sugar, but alright nutritional values. Would recommend trying 🙂 €2.49 per bar from