Oh Yeah! ONE Pumpkin Pie Review


The last one!! 14 bars later we have the final installment of the @one1brands Oh yeah one bars review! Finishing it off with Pumpkin Pie

Nutritional Information: Calories 230/ C24/ P21/ F8

You can see the bar is a different shape to the others, it’s thicker and thiner. Sort of a brick shape that gets wider at the bottom. It seems bigger than the others which is nice.. Also looks pretty cool

Texture: So soft and amazing. It’s chewier than the other bars, but in a good way. More bite to it and overall great

Taste: *drool* Cinnamon was the first thing to hit me, and then the delicious icing, and then the rest of the flavours. It’s so, so good. I’ve never had pumpkin pie, but if this is what it tastes like.. I need it in my life. It’s very very sweet, and has that kind of christmas-spice taste to it. The cinnamon spice taste lingers after which I liked, it’s a strong flavour and super enjoyable. The bar is really sweet, if you have a sweet-threshold it might be TOO sweet, but for me it was amazing

9.5/10 loved everything about it

So thats the end of the oh yeah one series, for now. I know they have a salted caramel one coming out soon and guaranteed I’ll get my hands on that asap. Overall these bars were very impressive, there was a couple of ones that were misses but the majority of them scored really high with me. For the most part they all had excellent textures, good calories & macros, and tasted great. Huge range of flavours, would highly recommend checking them out. On to the next series!


Oh Yeah! ONE Blueberry Cobbler Review


This is the second last bar I’m reviewing of this Oh Yeah ONE series. Feel like I’ve been reviewing these for weeks (….because I have)

First off: Looks super! Apart from it being minorly squished but hey it travelled across continents so give it a break

Nutritional Info: 220 calories. C24/ P20/ F8
Really good as usual!

Texture: This was so soft and amazing. It was almost fluffy in the middle, the desnity of these bars is spot on. One difference with this one is there was no crunch (or at least none that I could detect!) The bar actually looks like blueberry cobbler, it’s divided into 2 layers with a lovely purple-blue layer on top with a cream layer underneath

Taste: I don’t normally like fruit bars. I’ve said that before, and it makes me really hard to please when it comes to fruit flavoured things… I hate artificial tastes. This was so impressive. It was DELICIOUS. It didn’t taste artificial, it was such a lovely blueberry taste with an amazing sweetness. The sweetness was almost like maple ❤️ I’m not going to compare it to eating actual blueberry cobbler, but honestly if you want a dessert-like bar… this is great

9/10 Super good

Oh Yeah! ONE Maple Glazed Doughnut Review


Nutritional Info: Calories 220. C24/ P20 / F9
Really good, especially for the quality of this bar

Texture: Perfect. Soft, fudgey, crunchy pieces throughout that almost have the texture of tiny sugar granules. Amazing.

Taste: *cue angels singing* SO. GOOD. Maple glazed doughnut description is spot on. You can taste the sweet maple-syrup, and the ‘icing’ glaze. It’s very sweet but not too sweet. It’s heavenly. If you have ever had MyProtein’s maple whey, it’s quite similar to that taste but better. You can’t taste the whey aspect. It is so good, I never wanted it to end.
9.5/10 (OOOOH I don’t think I’ve given a rating that high since grenade carb killas!)

Oh Yeah! ONE Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Review


I didn’t even finish this bar. You know something is wrong when I don’t finish what I’m eating!

Nutrition Info: 210 calories. C24/ P21/ F8
Good as always!

Texture: Same as other bars, really soft and not chewy; but it was lacking any crunchy pieces

Taste: Bleh. It’s just not cookie dough in the SLIGHTEST. It’s just a whole pile of artificial-tasting sweet stuff. It’s not nice-sweet, it’s just off tasting. Couldn’t taste the chocolate chips at all, and the outer layer of chocolate was disappointing. I ate half and threw it away 😦 It’s crazy the diff with some of these bars. I’ve loved most of them but there’s been a couple of misses!


Oh Yeah! ONE Mint Chocolate Chip


Eating this bar I instantly remembered reviewing the previous version of this bar back when these were called Low Carb bars. It’s exactly the same, if not worse. Here is my previous review, still applies: Calories: 220 /C24/ P21/ F7 Again, pretty standard!

As with the other bars, smell is so good! Smells like an after eight. Looks really well, again the coating just makes the bar look lovely.

Texture: Same texture as the others, not very chewy, pretty nice! The inside of the bar is a not-very-appealing green, I didn’t mind that but just worth noting. The coating again just adds something great to the bar.

Taste: This was my reaction: OH MY GOD IT TASTES LIKE AN AFTER EIGHT. YES. LAWD. SO GOOD. AHH- Wait.. Aftertaste…nooooo. So, the initial taste that you get is amazing. Legit mint chocolatey goodness. BUT I got a very, very strong after taste. It was like a stale/ dusty taste (the bar was not gone off). This aftertaste really stuck around and totally took away from enjoying the remainder of the bar. Did anyone else get this, or did I possibly get a bad bar? —– Edit for this time round: this time it didn’t even taste good on first bite. Horrible off taste and didn’t like it at all.


Oh Yeah! ONE Lemon Cake Review


First impression is that it seems smaller than the other bars I’ve tried, smells DELISH

Nutritional Info: Calories 220. C23/ P22/ F7

Texture: Yaaas here we go, back to the amazing soft texture that these bars had before the previous few. Soft, dense, crunchy pieces throughout. YES

Taste: It smelled so good I was like ‘no way it tastes as good’ I was wrong. So. GOOD. Also, considering that I had actual lemon cake yesterday, you would assume that this would be a let down. Nope. It legitimately tastes like lemon cake, and almost the same texture as well. Lemony, sweet but not too sweet… It was amazinggg

9/10 would lemon again

Oh Yeah! ONE Chocolate Birthday Cake Review


Picked this one up in America for review. MOREEE SPRINKLESSS!

Nutritional info: Calories 210, C25/ P22/ F7

Texture: whaaat. It’s not good! It’s too chewy and not crunchy. The only crunch is coming from the sprinkles and its not very much. It’s way chewier and denser than the previous bars.

Taste: Sigh. Not good. The chocolate isn’t nice, kind of artificial and not sweet enough. There’s no other taste and it’s not cake-like at all.

Much prefer the regular birthday cake flavour 😦


Oh Yeah! ONE Chocolate Brownie


I thiiink I only have a couple more to review of this series, how are you guys liking them? There’s a huge range of flavours to this series which is pretty cool, I’m liking doing these. Some are a lot better than others but that’s what makes it great ITS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES #gump

Nutritional Information: 210 calories, C24/ P21/ F7 (1g sugar)

Texture: A bit denser than the previous few bars, and slightly more chewy. The outer chocolate layer is very good, nice & smooth. Overall the texture was very good, just missing the crunch that I like

Taste: This is a good bar for a chocolate craving I think. It’s chocolatey, it’s sweet, it’s pretty enjoyable. The soft fudgey middle of these bars is awesome and the chocolate flavour was very good.

7/10 Soft & chocolatey, can’t go wrong

Oh Yeah! ONE Almond Bliss



I was surprised when I saw the bar, wasn’t expecting it to be covered in chocolate! Not a bad thing but totally absent from the labelling

Nutrition info: Cals 230/ C22/ P21/ F9
Fats are slightly higher which makes sense as there’s almonds throughout the bar. Pretty decent as usual

Texture: Same as the other bars, with a bit of added goodness from almonds throughout the bar

Taste: Ugh. This was everything I didn’t want it to be. It was so strange tasting. It was kind of almond-y, I guess… but overpowered by a horrible off-taste that I can’t put words to. It was just… gross? It also left a bad after taste. The chocolate outside layer didn’t help anything, the weird taste just ruined the whole thing

So sad, I love almonds and was expecting much more from this bar 😦