Oh Yeah! ONE Peanut Butter Pie


..Peanut butter pie? Is this a thing? A pie made of peanut butter?! If this exists I need to find it

Nutrition Info: Calories 220 C23/ P22/ F8 (Alleged 1g net carb as usual) Standard!

Texture: Surprisingly this bars texture is different to the others. It’s chewier and has less crunchy pieces. Maybe this is intentional, as peanut butter is kinda chewy? Hmmmm… Not as good as the other bars anyway. Though I will say that the outer layer is quite smooth and almost melty, which I really liked.

Taste: Peanut butter for sure. It’s not sweet really, it’s just pure PB taste and it isn’t artificial. It was kind of meh for me, but I think that’s because PB on it’s own doesn’t do very much for me. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. I think it’s definitely worth trying if you’re a PB fan 🙂



Oh Yeah! ONE White Chocolate Raspberry


Nutrition Info: Calories 220. C23/ P22/ F7. Again they’re doing the net carb thing. Again I am dubious about this. Still decent nutrition profile though.

Texture: Same awesome texture as the previous bars, though this one is not as great looking and you can see how the coating is very thin

Taste: Very disappointing. I have enjoyed the other bars quite a lot, this was a huge let-down. It smells weird, and tastes weirder. There no white chocolate taste, and the raspberry is not raspberry. It’s like an off-sweet artifical fruit taste. It is sweet, but not very fruity. I found that the more I ate, the more ‘okay’ it became… but I would not have this again. Not white chocolate, and not raspberry

3/10 Sad times

Gladiator Protein Bar: Brownie Flavoured Bar Review


Nutritional Information: Calories 220/ Carbs 16 (8.8g fiber), Protein 21/ Fat 8.3
Again, look at it. These bars are so great looking
Texture: These bars have the most unique texture of protein bars that I’ve come across. Dense, not chewy, kind of crumbly… I was trying to think of what I can think of and was struggling… and then it hit me, it’s the texture of an actual chocolate bar. Almost twix like with the crumbley middle and caramel layer. On POINT

Taste: The dark chocolate of this bar is what stands out. It is proper dark chocolate, with the not-to-sweet taste that dark choco has.Like the last 2 bars, there is a caramel layer, however this one is less generous and I couldn’t get a taste from it. The dark chocolate is very strong, and overpowers whatever other flavours might be present. The bar is sweet, but not as sweet as the previous 2. If you’re a dark chocolate fan I’m guessing you’ll love it. My criticism is that it’s not brownie flavoured. It would be more accurately titled as Dark Chocolate bar. It is really delicious, though I think I preferred the previous 2. If I was craving dark chocolate this would absolutely be my go-to for a craving killer & protein hit

8/10 Awesome taste, good calories, brilliant texture

This series of bars really impressed me. Absolutely recommend trying it out. I think these bars may have taken a place in my top 3 favorite protein bar brands :O

Olimp Matrix High Protein Meal Replacement Bar: Coconut Flavour + White Chocolate coating

Venice, Italy

Nutritional information: Cals 258/ C20.4/ P25.1/ F8.1

Texture: Seems slightly chewier than the previous 2 bars of this series, but also it was out in the sun for a while.. It was a bit melty so maaaybe that was my own fault :’) The coating is the same texture as the rest of the bar, pretty soft and easy to bite into. Not a bad texture at all; I enjoyed it.

Taste: The white chocolate coating is surprisingly strong, I was expecting the coconut to overpower it but the two work together really well. The coconut flavour is not like other protein bars I’ve tried, and not comparable to a Bounty bar. It is very nice though, it’s not too sweet and pretty coconut-y.

6/10 Pretty nice taste, okay texture, quite high cals

Olimp Matrix Meal Replacement Bar: Vanilla Flavour + Chocolate Coating Review

St Peter’s Square, the Vatican, Rome

Nutrition information: Cals 258/ C20.5/ P26.2/ F8

Texture: Fudgey and dense like that last bar Chocolate coating on the outside is soft, not thick. It’s not too chewy, quite a nice texture.

Taste: The chocolate coating is nice, not too strong. The bar itself isn’t very sweet but has a nice vanilla taste, except there is a slight after taste of whey which wasn’t too great.

Overall, it’s only alright. I’d eat it again but wouldn’t buy it.

Olimp’s Matrix High Protein Meal Replacement Bar Review: Double Chocolate Flavour

Trevi Fountain, Rome

Nutrition information: Cals 253/ C19.7/ P25.1/ F8.1 and 12.6g of fiber. Pretty high calories for a protein bar but it is designed as a meal replacement. The bar is also larger than standard protein bars at 80g. It’s also enriched with a lot of vitamins/ minerals which is cool.

Texture: Kind of thick fudgey texture, and looks like a fudgey brownie. Chewy but not overly so, quite easy to eat 🙂 Chocolate coating on the outside which is pretty soft but also I was sitting in sun so it may have been slightly melted.

Taste: At first I thought it wasn’t sweet or Chocolatey enough, but the more I ate it the more I enjoyed it. It’s not overpoweringly chocolatey but there is a decent choc taste. I’m not sure it would satisfy a sweet tooth craving but I have a MAJOR sweet tooth so that’s probably just a me thing.

5/10. Pretty average on all accounts, nothing particularly bad other than the calorie count, which is a bit too high for me